Tim Mikelj - High Performance Coach

Tim Mikelj - High Performance Coach & Speaker and former pro-athlete

Tim Mikelj - Life Coaching

Tim Mikelj - High Performance Coach & Speaker and former pro-athlete

Tim Mikelj - Life Coaching

Tim Mikelj - High Performance Coach & Speaker and former pro-athlete

Tim Mikelj - Life Coaching

Tim Mikelj - High Performance Coach & Speaker and former pro-athlete

Tim Mikelj - Life Coaching

Tim Mikelj leading personal development workshops in London

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Your Kick-Ass Life Coach
He is a talented high-performance coach who has made it his mission to help clients accelerate growth and positive change in their lives. ‘I often see people trapped in their minds. They are not living their best life. My goal is to change their perspective by guiding them through gradual transformation, deep inner work and persistence’.


Tim began his career as a professional cyclist representing his home country, Slovenia, all over the world. Through sports he learnt the meaning of resilience, achieving goals and what it’s like to find strength when you think you can’t go on.

He quit his cycling career when he realised that seeking perfection in sports wasn't what he was meant to be doing. Instead, sharing key lessons from his career and inspiring others felt like the right thing to do. Buying a one-way ticket to London, he took the plunge into the personal development world to coach others to success.

Tim Mikelj is quickly becoming a name to know in the personal growth arena and Talk Editor brings you his top tips for building a more fulfilling life. 

Check out a video with Tim talking about following your heart and taking action on The Michael Serwa Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fin-kHJGPUk


Listen to a podcast where Julia Legian talks to Tim about dealing with fear and procrastination: http://www.theuglydaughter.com/episode-9/


Read an article in the Choices magazine where Tim talks about using positive psychology in business: http://choicesmagazine.co.uk/get-positive-psychology-working-in-your-business-061015/



Tim, you are on a mission to change people’s lives. Tell us more!


I am on a mission to help others reach their goals and dreams and become the best versions of themselves.


I have seen people trapped in their own minds, living joyless lives without fun, passion or even freedom. It didn’t feel right and I decided to change that.


Before that I used to be a professional cyclist, racing in 15 countries on a world-class level. I always worked hard and strived for progress in my personal and professional life but soon realised I was not living this life to please my ego.


Having left my ego in the past, I asked myself what was the best way to serve people when I discovered coaching. Coaching and public speaking naturally resonate with my personality and it has become my passion to bring the best out of others; to be more, create more and produce more.


I believe that we all have something special within us, a fire that’s greater than ourselves. And I am here to help you light that inner fire by becoming stronger than ever!


You were a professional cyclist in Slovenia before moving to the UK at the start of 2015. What has sport taught you about conquering fear, becoming stronger and achieving success?


I left my cycling career in September 2013. I didn’t realise it at the time but having been a professional athlete taught me important life lessons in challenging times. Looking back, I can see it clearly. Sport taught me the discipline and hard work necessary to achieve results. I believe that success equals effort, be it in sport, business or life in general.


You gave over 40 talks in just three months in English, a language you couldn't speak last year. Now that’s being fearless and determined in my books. What’s your secret to living life without excuses?


I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as fearless, so thank you. I have fears as every other human being. The way to living life without excuses is finding something you want to do. Research how people in your industry have become successful and do the same. Try to reach the same level of success. In my own experience, doing just that has made me hungry for success. I am still afraid and don’t know what comes next but I know I need to be living my purpose.


How do you figure out what you really want in life? Many people struggle with it. 


Good question although there is no simple answer. There isn’t a set way of discovering what you should be doing in life. Each person has their own way so it is very important to trust your heart, feeling or intuition, however you call it. We all have answers inside us and just need to find a way to bring them to light.


I promise you that you will get much closer to achieving the life you want if you trust yourself. Try something that really makes you feel happy and alive. Then do everything to make it happen.


What makes you jump out of bed every morning? Do you have a daily ritual that helps you get through the day?


The thought that today is going to be a great day and I will be helping great people. That’s my drive!


I like my mornings to be different. When I’m up early, I plan my day, post on social media or go to the gym.

If I worked long hours the day before, I get up later than usual, which can be as late as 10am!


My goals and values are written on the wall. I go through them every morning asking myself three powerful questions and answer them:


  •  Who do I love?


  •  What am I grateful for?


  •  What beliefs do I need to have to become who I want to be?



Why do you think some people fail and others succeed despite being given the same advice? 


The answer is simple. Persistence is the key to reaching your goals. I often remember what my mentor once told me: “Success is not a sprint, success is a marathon.”  You need to see your journey as a marathon and persist until you get to where you want to be. If you are hungry enough for success, there is always a way!


How do you use social media to grow your business and connect with followers?


I engage with my followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day and publish You Tube videos a few times a week. Social media enable me to share ideas and deliver value every day. They certainly have great advantages for business but it is equally important to see them as platforms for sharing information rather than just marketing channels.


What advice would you give to someone who isn't achieving success yet and can definitely have it? 


Firstly, find what you love to do and then just go and do it on a big scale. Because you are more powerful than you think!


Secondly, hire the best mentor or a coach you can afford and let them help you. They’ll guide you closer to where you want to be much faster than going it alone.


Can you give us one or two career tips for wannabe life coaches?


If you are considering becoming a life coach, the ultimate tip is to make sure your own life is sorted first. I’ve seen people wanting to help others who were not able to help themselves. You could do more harm than good in such cases.


Go and do it as long as:


  • You are happy with your own life


  • You want to make a difference in the world


  • You think you have experiences that others could learn from


  • You are coming from a true place of love for people