Hi, I am Katerina and Talk Editor is my creation. It is a place to find motivation through interviews with accomplished people in media and business.
My mission is to share practical tips, ideas and stories of overcoming challenges and celebrating achievement. 
The idea
Like many of you, at times of major career change, I looked for inspiration to help me reinvent my working life. I wanted to read about people who did something different to turn their lives around.
This led me to volunteer for a great start-up, Escape the City, who help others find the work they love and escape unfulfilling jobs.
As I became passionate about personal transformation, I got to meet start-up owners with amazing products and services. Talk Editor is my opportunity to share with you some of the people who strive to become extraordinary.
About (me)
Based in London, working for a media company, when I'm not chasing people for interviews, you'll find me breaking a sweat training for the next 10K run or networking in personal growth seminars and learning (that's the aim anyway;)!

I hope you enjoy the read and get plenty of inspiration for your  journey x




Katerina - Founder of Talk Editor